Understanding our clients:

In order to provide companies with the right candidate we insist on visiting our clients to better understand their business requirements.

Accordingly, we construct an outline of company needs in order to tailor an exact fit.

Together with our innovative candidate assessment procedures we ensure that both company and candidate get exactly what they're looking for.

In the process, you save any advertising or initial screening costs.

We market the vacancy for you and conduct a full comprehensive candidate search.

Our success is evident in long term retention of content employees.

A personal relationship with our clients, based on trust and respect, makes this possible.


Our unique assessment procedures give us the tools required to hand-tailor that perfect placement for today's companies:

  • We create an inventory of your needs and requirements.
  • Targeted questioners are used to understand your company's culture and match the right candidate to it.
  • Job descriptions are defined to create a realistic profile of the optimal candidate.
  • We network with specific market sectors to target suitable personnel.
  • Lucrative candidates become accessible through our confidential executive database.
  • We interview every candidate. All skills, credentials, references and capabilities of potential candidates are tested and verified.
  • We assist in negotiations to help client and candidate achieve a mutually beneficial agreement.


We hope to add your company to our list of satisfied clients soon!